Sunday, September 25, 2011

...but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.

(Sidebar: I may as well face it: my average posting ability seems to be once per month. So if I make the mental commitment to post at that pace, I know I can stay on track. And any additional posts will be a bonus!  So that's what I'll do.)
When I open a magazine, or watch a home renovation show, I usually think, "Oh, THAT'S what I need to make my life better." Ads are designed to do that, and I am a highly susceptible viewer. But I'm also old enough to know better. Yes, I wish I had the time/energy/money to make my house look like a page in a magazine. And, yes, if I didn't suffer so much from residual exhaustion due to my poor nightly sleep, I would have probably spent my younger years making more of an effort to complete (who am I kidding--start) home improvements. But I didn't. And that's okay, because I really have all I need.
I'm not saying I'll stop "wanting." And I'm DEFINITELY not saying I'll stop doing what I can to make my physical surroundings nicer. But I really am satisfied in life because I have so much--the people I love are near and healthy. I can sit on my deck at all hours, in all weather, and enjoy my surroundings. I have a house that is not falling down, keeping me safe and warm. I love my job, though I often complain of exhaustion.
No great insights this month, just a heart full of gratitude.

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