Sunday, December 4, 2011

Food, glorious food

Not gonna feel badly about it---I love food. I love buying it, I love growing it (even with my limited success rate), I love smelling it, I love cooking it, I love touching it, I love sharing it.
One of the true pleasures of my week is taking my time to peruse the produce aisle of my Co-op. Everything looks so lush and delicious; though I shop with a list, I frequently grab an item I hadn't planned on using, just because of its color. I love food photography---looking at it, not creating it---and I've recently discovered this book, which makes me salivate and tingle with joy.
I'm also lucky to live near a city which has the largest weekly farmers' market in the Midwest, and I can spend HOURS just strolling by the stands, touching, sampling, sniffing the delectable displays. Yesterday I wandered through a Market filled with the scent of fresh-cut pines wafting from Christmas wreaths, gentle Celtic fiddle tunes from some local musicians, and air filled with rich coffee and bakery smells--it was a heady, satisfying experience. 
I'm grateful for the abundance of food in my life (if not grateful for its abundance on my hips), and I'm grateful for the senses--smell, touch, taste, sight, hearing--that allow me to fully enjoy food.

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