Friday, May 25, 2012

Pie, Pie, Me-Oh-My!

Humble pie, that is.  I've been whining all week, and now I'm  putting an end to it.

  • I feel crumby, because I've had a migraine all week. But I don't have cancer, I'm not dying--I'm lucky.
  • Work didn't go the way I wanted this week. But my kiddos are learning, I know I'm good at what I do, and I love my job--I'm lucky.
  • The weather is WAY hotter and stickier than I like. But I have a pool, I have a home, and I'm alive--I'm lucky.
  • My pool is a dirty, mucky mess. But I'm strong enough to buckle down and clean it, and when it's clean, it's heavenly--I'm lucky.
  • My house is a dirty, mucky mess. But it's a home, and my girls will be here soon, and I'll get around to cleaning eventually--I'm lucky.
Serve me up another slice of pie. This time, make it cherry.

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