Saturday, September 8, 2012

I Know What I Did Last Summer

This breeze is so refreshing. It's the first fall-like day. That always gives me a boost. I'm a fall fan. I'm a cool-to-cold weather fan. I'm a windows open, put on a sweatshirt fan. Today's a good day.

The end of this summer was not filled with good days. I went through what I call a breakdown, but what my new therapist prefers to call a road bump. Tomato, tomahto--it was not fun. Now, I had no disasters, no terrible disease, no deaths of loved ones. Nothing that others would consider "a good reason" for my sudden inability to deal with daily life. Part of the learning curve of this experience is realizing that it's okay to feel as if my world is ending and to stop worrying that others think I'm just weak. My feelings have validity, and that makes them important.

Whew, that's a tough thing for me to say. I'm grateful that today I can say it. My feelings are valid, and they are important. It doesn't matter if they aren't important to others--they're important to me, at this moment in my life. I can work with that. I can look forward from that. Today is a good day.



  1. Your feelings ARE valid and important!
    Thank you so much for sharing this blog! I can relate to so much of what you were writing in this post!
    Enjoy this beautiful day and know that YOU are loved and a gift to many!

  2. It takes a much stronger person to admit or come to terms with the fact that you have a problem and go see a therapist. The only time it matters what other people think is when it makes you feel good! So there. I feel very strongly about my first sentence and have told many people this in my life.

    And by the way, you know I'm a fall kind of gal too! I love today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!