Monday, September 27, 2010

Let loose!

Okay, this might be the most embarrassing of posts, but I'm gonna go for it. Today, I am grateful for that moment when I come home from work and guessed it, my bra!! It's not as though I notice the constraint all day long--I'm pretty unaware of it, actually.
But in the final seconds of climbing the stairs after a hard day at school, I suddenly can feel every single pinch, pull, snap, clip, and all I want to do is GET IT OFF!! Aaahhhhhh, sweet relief.
So, here's to that moment of freedom!


  1. Nothing to be embarrassed about. I have that same daily feeling. In fact, I typically sing George Michael at the top of lungs when I have that annoying pinch, pull and itch. (Freedom! You gotta give what you take!!!)

  2. You are too, too funny, Director Ron!