Sunday, October 3, 2010

Prescription: Music

It's dangerous to have too much time alone, at least it is for me. When I'm completely alone, I think, and then I over-think. This was the case last week. Several of my classes were away on extended field trips, and that left me with long blocks of thinking time. At first, it was bliss. I organized (weird, I know, but I get off on organizing!), I cleaned (I don't do it often, but when I do, it's soothing), I caught up on email.
But then…SSCCRREEEEECCHHH…my brain kicked in. I had time to dwell on my faults. I had time to ponder my regrets. I slowly began to sink into an abyss that I visit all too often. Remarkably, though, I had the strength to pull off a Cher moment. I logged in to Pandora, brought up my "Jill Sobule/Alanis Morissette Fuck You" station," and I kicked that abyss to the curb!
How could I forget the power music holds over me? In recent years, I have become a talk radio aficionado, particularly NPR. I learn from it, I enjoy it, but it does not reach into my soul. Music does. It's in me. It is me. It's the cure for what ails me. I'm grateful for that mystical connection, and I'll remind myself to reconnect with my soulmate more often.

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