Sunday, July 31, 2011

Old Friends

There's something precious about spending time with people who share your past. People who were there for your "formative" years. People who remember you when, remember your family home, remember your first date, remember the games you played in the neighborhood.

I'm grateful for a recent visit from my oldest friend. Hadn't actually been together for 18 years, but from the minute our visit began, we were exactly the same as when we first met. We spent hours boring our daughters as we laughed, laughed, laughed our way through stories of events big and small from our teen years. We caught up on our current lives and relived our past through pictures. Some of it was sad--actually, kind of a lot of it--but necessary. We remembered little things that have taken on deeper meaning, now that others have passed on. But mostly, we laughed. She has an INCREDIBLE ability to recall names, dates, places. These tiny details flipped switches in my mind that haven't been turned on in DECADES.

It was a really cathartic visit. It was energizing, exhausting, and emotional. And for that I am so grateful. Thanks, my friend.

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