Sunday, July 3, 2011

Red, White, and Blue

RED:  the color of my skin after many hours in the sun this weekend (yes, I use sunblock religiously, but the sun was mega-powerful here).

WHITE: the blank text box for this week's blog post. It glares at me when I have no ideas.

BLUE: the pool liner (considerably faded from years of chemicals), beckoning me to float my cares away for the rest of the summer.
RED:  my cheeks after my morning Wii workout.

WHITE: the vanilla ice cream calling to me from the freezer.

BLUE:  the blueberries I mixed into my yogurt, in place of the ice cream I really wanted.
RED: the watermelon that will be devoured by my beautiful daughters and son during tomorrow's festivities.

WHITE:  the color to which I hope my teeth return after a few weeks of Crest White Strips.

BLUE: my mood as I realize that July marks the halfway point of my summer vacation.

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