Sunday, July 11, 2010

Here it comes again

Is it the summer night air? Is it the position of the moon? Is it a chemical imbalance? Whatever it is, this melancholy comes on suddenly. I'm filled with a longing, but can't define what it is I'm longing for. I'm drawn to sentimental movies and music--quirky romances. That's not my usual MO. I avoid sentimentalism. But when this mood hits, I obsessively watch the same films and wallow in the sentiment.
Sometimes, if I concentrate on it, I move from mere melancholy into deep sadness. But that's not the norm.
Anyway, it's here right now and I'll do my best to avoid sinking deeper. I've developed a growing fondness for wine, so I think I'll have a glass. I know, I know--alcohol doesn't help. But I'm only going to have a glass, and I know that's my limit. I'm watching a movie, enjoying the brief cool-down, and thinking and feeling a lot. It will pass.

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